B2B customers in foreign trade are more interested in the following gardening tools
 Apr 25, 2023|View:618

Recently, B2B customers in foreign trade are more interested in the following gardening tools:

  1. 1.Manual push lawn mowers: Manual push lawn mowers are very common among gardening tools because they are suitable for various terrains and lawn sizes, and are relatively inexpensive.

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  3. 2.Cordless grass shears: These grass shears are powered by rechargeable lithium batteries and wireless devices are more convenient, suitable for small gardens and horticultural work.

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  5. 3.Electric/battery chainsaws: Electric/battery chainsaws are a portable tool for tasks such as felling trees, sawing boards, and pruning trees. It has become a popular gardening tool.

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  7. 4.Single wheel weed trimmer: This weed trimmer is different from traditional lawn mowers. It has a separate wheel and curved blade that can clear grass around flower beds.

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  9. 5.Pole pruner: Pole pruners are also common in gardening tools and are suitable for pruning high branches. They can be manual or have electric modes, as well as other features such as rotating blades and adjustable lengths.

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